About Me

Hello and welcome to my crazy corner of the internet.

I am wife and mother of 4 homunculi. Life is never boring here. I love to cook, garden, pet fabric, and create things to be treasured.

I'm a self-taught quilter and have been sewing for 8 years now. I started quilting during my husband's first deployment. My mom had bought me a sewing machine for my birthday and it had been sitting collecting dust for 4 years. I was in need of something to fill my time. I was pregnant with our first girl and our oldest was only 3 yrs old at the time. I saw a bunch of quilting magazines at the PX and grabbed one. I had always loved the quilts my grandmother and mother had made and wished that they would have taught me. Mind you, I also never had a Home Ec class in school. I'm digressing. I found the baby blanket I wanted to make, drove to Hancocks and grabbed everything I needed to start. Saying there was a lot of trial and error would be an understatement, but after some frustrating times I got the hang of it.

Now after a few years and meeting some amazing people in the online quilting community I am more confident in my abilities and have learned many new techniques. I am going to be getting my online Etsy store stocked and running this year.

I'd love to know what you think whether it's praise, tips, or constructive criticism.

Thank you for stopping by.