Friday, January 28, 2011

The Search for the Great Camera and the Mysterious Mug Rugs

Wow. What a crazy week. LOL Yes, my life seems to be both non-eventful and crazy at the same time. I had been looking for my camera for a couple weeks and Tuesday my son finds it. Yay! I go to take a picture and the battery is dead. Not to worry, I'll go charge it....uhhh...phoey...the battery charger is no where to be found and my camera is so spiffy it doesn't use normal batteries. *sigh* My phone's camera handled the pictures (though I wish it would have shown the colors better). I tweeted for luck this morning and 10 mins later I find my battery charger! Whoever sent me luck, I owe you one! So, look for more detailed pictures to come.

Meanwhile, in the Oubliette (AKA my sewing room).

The search and creation of the mysterious mug rugs continues. Many poor pretties were sliced and diced for their creation and my surgical assistant helped me bring life to these few mug rugs. While their size is small and compact I believe that there is still more to be discovered and many more variations of their design to be found. The few that I have discovered are pictured below.

Embroidered Mug Rug
(I got carried away with my orange french knots. hehe)

Mug Rug

Mug Rug - Valentine/Love
(*waves hands Jedi style* Those are not pins you are looking at. They were taken out before the picture was taken.)

I'll post a picture of the goodies my swap partner will get later. hehe

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