Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quilting Book Club - May - Basic Ease

May's Pattern "Basic Ease":


Well, after a crazy emotional 3 weeks, I finally sat down with my fabric and was going to get started on my first quilt for the book club. Well, I was measureing my fabric to make sure I had enough of what I was going to use (which I know I should have done BEFORE the week it started). What do I find out? Oh, only that my beautiful Peter Rabbit fabic is too short! What makes it worse is that it is barely too short. Just enough to not be able to use. There's no fudging, smudging, stretching that will save me. So I was going to just sit this out. Then hubby comes home and tells me to just buy more fabic. I had to ask him to repeat himself because usually he tells me to use what I have or asks if I really need more fabic. WOW! He totally caught me off guard. Well, in honor of him being AWESOME, I am making this quilt for him. He made the statement the other day that I hadn't made anything for him (which hit me hard). So this is going to be his Father's Day gift from the kids (see backing fabric...which is awesome).

I found this super cute fabric called "Smirk" by Kyla May for Timeless Treasures at the Fat Quarter Shop. Now I'm just waiting to get it in so I can start. Here's a sneak peek of the fabric.

Here are the fabrics I picked out for the quilt top:


Here is the Binding Fabric:

Here is the Backing:

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Little Creatable said...

Chicky you are awesome! I think maybe I need to make my hubs a quilt.