Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Inspires Me

Shawna from 1Choice4Quilting and the creator of the Quilting Book Club posted a question. Where do you find inspiration. I was sitting with my husband at his doctors appointment on the 9th floor of a building. At this height you get a pretty good view of the buildings around you. I started looking at them thinking: "Ooo I could make that into a quilt...or that..." It would be so easy to make any number of geometric shaped objects into quilts. Even non-geometric shapes can be turned into quilts. That just takes a little imagination and patience. So here is some of the inspiration I found:

I love the shape of the rocks and the grass growing between them. They had a whole little "garden oasis" in the middle of the busy hospital intersection.

The "smaller" building  and the one above it. The smaller one I though I could take the lighter colored row at the bottom and copy it where the roof is and that would be cute. The other one I liked how it had the column in the middle.

The blue building just really stuck out with the white dividing lines.

I really like how this one has the two different collumns on the sides and the seperate row on the bottom. Again, copy the bottom row on the roof.

Just a picture of lots of different shapes.

The building with the purple-ish windows really stuck out. Kinda a wonky type of quilt I would think.

I've always loved the blue doors in the curved archways.

This last one was taken as the Ohio River was flooding.

Here is a picture that my son brought home from school that when I saw it, I wanted to make it into a wall hanging.

I almost forgot to add my most recent inspiration. Oh my goodness, I have no clue how I could have forgotten something this awesome!!!! I am gong to make a TARDIS quilt! Yes, you heard me Doctor Who's TARDIS! *squee* I'm so excited!
(I'm a little late, the contest ended May 15th, but this is what inspired me.)

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