Friday, July 15, 2011

Farmer's Wife QAL Week 6

Ok so I thought that I was caught up until I went to post my week 5 link on the Flickr Group and realized that I was in fact mistaken. This week would have been week 7 and not 6. *sigh* What a week! Oh well, in doing the king size instead of the queen, I am going to have to do 34 extra blocks anyways, so I won't finish when everyone else does anyway. Selina and I will be working along a little later than everyone else with out kings.

*Sorry I got distracted and forgot where I was going with that...*

I seriously think this book was meant to go with this quilt sampler!

Onto the next news, I found an awesome The Farmer's Wife cookbook series! I bought one on Slow Cooker meals. So since Farmer's Wife and Food both start with F, I am going to be posting my weekly blocks on Friday along with a recipe from one of The Farmer's Wife cookbooks (once I catch up).

Well, without further ado, here are Week 6's blocks.

Block #11 Broken Dishes

I let my son pick out the colors for this block. He's all Army so the colors are OD (Olive Drab) Green and Basil. I posted a tutorial on how I made it and a little help on how to measure your templates for rotary cutting. This was actually a fun block for me to do! I refered to making these blocks as "mending my broken dishes." :-)

Block #12 Broken Sugar Bowl

I let my daughter pick out the colors for this block. She wanted purple and blue for her and she added pink for her sister. Even though she says she doesn't like her, I know she really does care. My husband calls this block the "bat signal". I really like how this one turned out!


Selina Marie said...

Hey! Is it a total coincidence that I mentioned you in my blog on Wednesday?!?! Great minds :)
I love the solids you are using in your blocks. They all look really great. I'm glad I have a friend crazy enough to do a king size with me!

Maria Spiller said...

Hello, I've come here from Lily's. I look forward to following your blog. I.m thinking of buying the Farmer's Wife book and having a go myself.