Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fave 5

My Parent's Land
I love the smell of a fresh cut field (though I wasn't there when they cut it).

I love Tom!
(even if he's giving me the bird and smiling when I'm taking his picture.)
(He just added to the above comment..."on the back of his cool ass Army truck.")

Comfort food on a most AWESOME plate!
(It was for my oldest daughter.)

Making my first Kentucky Quilt block.
(There isn't a tutorial anywhere for it online or in a book that I have, so I'm making my own!)

My overgrow flower bed.
(The rose of sharon attracts hummingbirds that I can watch from the kitchen window.)


Sharon said...

My first comment never showed up. Rwarg!

Looks like you had a great week. Even if Tom is flipping you off (that punk!) :D

Thanks for linking up. :)

Wandering Threads said...

I like your 'overgrown' flower bed. I think all homes should keep a little bit of wild :)