Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year

Yay it's a new year! 

Sadly our Christmas break was spent sick. Gotta love how the kids refuse to share toys, but they'll share a really bad cold. Oh well, we have all pretty much gotten over it. I guess I should be thankful for getting the cold though. I have FINALLY kicked my soda habit (I used to live on Mt Dew as some of you know). It had been 4 long days since I had any soda and Jan 1st I sat down to indulge in a Mt Dew and nearly vomited. I can't stand the taste of it anymore. So now my new project is making syrups to add a little flavor to mineral water. Right now I'm just using lemon and lime juices.

To those I owe scrap vomit squares to, I haven't forgotten! Just haven't been able to make it to the post office yet.

My goal this year is to get my to-do list of quilty/sewing projects cut in half or more. It's crazy long and in various stages of being completed. Several I just need to quilt and bind, others just need to piece the strips/blocks, finishing touches on some dresses, and some haven't even been started. It's kinda embarrassing. I updated my board for 2013. I added the Michael Miller Clubhouse BOM from LolaPinkFabrics because I'm a fabric hoarder addict collector glutton for punishment I couldn't resist.

If you don't know about the Misfit Quilters group, you should check it out. I'm getting ready to start the swaps up again. I have a super cute pattern for the February swap! All of the details will be over on the groups blog.

What are your sewing plans for the year? 

Happy sewing,

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