Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happiness Key and Feb Challenge

I thought it was about time I updated my blog. I am able to type decently again. My finger is healing and I'm getting more movement in it. No more stitches or steri-strips. Just waiting for the dermabond to fall off, which is aggrivating. I never realized that my stupid mistake would cost me going to occupatinal therapy to "teach me how to care for the scar and keep movement in my finger." Ugh...oh well. Off to better news, my latest quilty adventures.

I am following along with Pat Sloan and Emilie Richards in a quilt mystery and novelini. I am excited, but need to get caught up. Things have been a lil slow in the sewing room lately.

To find out more about Pat Sloan's quilty mystery just go to her blog.

(Pat Sloan's Blog)

To follow Emilie Richard's novelini, click the picture below.

(Emilie Richard's Blog)

I just finished my Feburary Challenge: Create a tote bag with a pie on it. I made the front panel using scrap fabric I had laying around and used stitches for the sun's rays and a few kanzashi flowers. The other fabric is from St Jude fabric collections.

Mud Pie tote

Mud Pie tote

I had also completed my Liberty Sweetie Pie grab bag because I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete my Mud Pie tote before the deadline. I used "Sweet Liberty" fabric by Pat Sloan. I am going to use this to keep spare clothes, diapers, and wipes in my truck for my youngest two kiddos. It is a reversible bag.
Liberty Sweetie Pie

Liberty Sweetie Pie - Inside


Deb McHugh said...

congrats on the win. I love both of your totes! The little grab bag is a cute pattern. I want to try one of those myself.

Amanda said...

Thank you! I used the pattern on the link she gave us and omitted the pockets so it can be reversible.