Friday, April 22, 2011

June 2nd - Mug Rug Day Blog Hop

I am going to be part of a blog hop Brie from Little Creatable is setting up. She's currently looking for others who have blogs to join in, so follow her on Twitter (@LittleCreatable) and send her a DM. I promise it will be fun! Who knows what all is in store!

Here are some mug rugs I have made:

Embroidered Mug RugMug Rug Madness - Redwork
Mug RugMug Rug - Valentine/Love

Need some Mug Rug inspiration or want a list of blogs with tutorials? Check out Two More Second's Mug Rug Madness blog post.

I hope you all will join us!


Little Creatable said...

I have to say you are the most AWESOME chick ever!

Laine from said...

This is going to be sooo much fun! Can't wait.