Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scrap Vomit - Plea for Squares

Squares for the poor...please sir may I have squares...

Oh, but don't worry, you don't really need to vomit on them before you send them to me. ;-) hee hee

I am so like a curious cat, several people have been talking about making a Scrap Vomit quilt on Twitter and my inner voice has been saying "you know you want to, just take the plunge, just one more project won't hurt anything." I guess you could call it peer self-pressure. Ok by now you're probably going "Scrap Vomit?!?! WTH??? It's where you take all your scraps throw them on the floor and sew them together the way they land. (Oh Lord, I hope I didn't just give someone an idea. *face-palm*) Believe me? No? Ok well, the truth is, you make a quilt using 2.5" squares. I guess it would sort of be like a postage stamp quilt (but sounds alot more interesting awesome!).

Katy, over at i'm a ginger monkey, came up with the idea. Her quilt is a 70" x 98" twin size quilt. It is made up of 1,375 2.5" squares of fabric. If you're interested in making her quilt, head on over to her blog for all the details.
Brie, over at Little Creatible, is doing her version of Katy's Scrap Vomit Quilt, except she is using doubles of each piece of scrap fabric. So he will have 688 different types of 2.5" fabric squares in her quilt.

Thomas, over at Thomas Knauer Sews, is doing another version. He is doing a queen sized, no-repeat quilt. I forgot that he had changed the size. His goal is 3,500 total (he needs 3,136), but wants to make sure that he has extras so that he doesn't have any duplicate fabrics.
If any of you would like to join in, follow us and let us know you're going to join and help. Follow us over on twitter: Me (@KleineSchatze), Katy (@ImAGingerMonkey), Brie (@LittleCreatable), and Thomas (@WayCoolKid).

Now, what I need from you. I'm kinda diggin' Thomas' idea of a no repeat queen, but I don't think I want to tackle that right now. So I am going to do a good sized twin (but if I get enough to make the queen, I will go ahead and use them all). So I would love to have any 2.5" squares from your scrap bin that you wouldn't mind parting with. Please only swap cotton fabrics. I will send you some in return for your quilt, just let me know what size you need.

I'm going to add a little bit to mine. I would LOVE to have a 4.5" square of whatever light colored fabric or design you choose for a signature block. On the 4.5" square, I'd love to have your name, where you're from (ie. state or country), and anything else you'd like.. I just want to add a little personalization from everyone who donates scraps. If you're interested in swapping scraps, please leave a comment (and make sure I can get back in touch with you).

Happy Quilting!


Sharon said...

Are you saying that you want name and info on the 4.5" square? Or separately?
I'm already planning on cutting squares for Thomas and now that Katy's going to Market I might send some squares with the boss for her as well. May as well cut triplicates. :)

pat sloan said...

that looks like fun.. and love the layout... good luck with it!

Thomas Knauer said...

Drop me an email and I'll add you to my cutting list.

Also, an update on mine, the new number of squares is 3,136 form mine. Doing a 112" square quilt...

Little Creatable said...

I've got your addy and you're on the cutting list? Are you doing no repeats?

I figured I'll try do doubles and make a twin. I can always make another one hehehe