Friday, May 27, 2011

Sew for Our Wounded Warriors and Veterans

As many of you know, there are a lot of charities that are collecting quilts and blankets for our wounded warriors. I have found that not many people know of the Soldiers' Angel's Sewing Team. You don't have to know how to quilt, knit, or crochet to help our wounded warriors or our veterans. I just want to highlight the different ways Soldiers' Angels has that anyone who can sew or craft can help out. You will be able to get free instructions and patterns on how to make a number of different projects (sewing and non-sewing patterns).

These are the different Sewing Teams they have:

Blankets of Belief: These are quilted and no-sew blankets. These are blankets made to our Deployed service members as a reminder that we remember them and believe in them. They take blankets of all types and they even have instructions on how to make a no-sew blanket.

Blankets of Gratitude: These are crocheted, knitted, or loomed blankets to cover the laps of our wounded veterens spending time in VA hospitals or facilities away from home. The message is let them know we are grateful for the sacrifice(s) they made for us.

Blankets of Hope:  These are quilted and no-sew. "Used on hospital beds, wheelchairs, and transport litters on medevac flights, Blankets of Hope bring the message that each servicemember is loved and not forgotten.  They are included in our First Response Backpacks and Vet Packs sent to Combat Support Hospitals in the war zones, major medical facilities in Germany and around the world, and selected military hospitals and veterans centers here at home."

Patriot Pillowcases: (sewing) These pillowcases will go to combat hospitals in Afghanistan. The message is the same as the Pillowcase challenge here. They help to bring a little bit of "home", hope, support, and comfort to our wounded troops.

Scarves Team: (sewing) They make two different types of scarves:

*~* Sand Scarves:
  • Protect face, neck and ears from dust, sand, mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, etc.
  • Assist with breathing in blowing wind, and protect from sand and other debris
  • Good for all weather climates
  • Great for sand, desert and wooded environments
*~* Cool Scarves:
  • Filled with non-toxic synthetic crystals, which transform into a soft cooling gel when wet
  • Stays cool 2-3 days, without refrigeration (must be adjusted periodically to maximize cooling effect
  • Reduces risk of heat stroke
  • Reusable
Operation Top Knot: (sewing, knitting, and item donations) Being pregnant with your husband deployed is a scary, frustrating, and emotional time (I know first hand). Operation Top Knot's mission is to bring a little cheer and support to families during this time. They send an awesome baby shower goodie basket to the mama and a bubble gum "It's a boy/girl cigar" to the proud daddy who is deployed.

VA Crochet and Craft: (sewing and crocheting) This team has the most options of things to offer. This team helps to bring dignity, comfort, and support to our wounded in VA hospitals, many of whom are suffering from long-term wounds and/or going through healing and physical therapy.

Crochet/knit Hats and Slippers
Wheel Chair Bags/Totes

Other Items
Blankets (lapghans)

If you would be interested in joining any of these teams (or more than one), all you need to do is become an Angel. Help make sure that "no soldier goes unloved."

Don't sew or craft? Don't worry, you can still help support our soldiers. Soldiers' Angels has many ways to donate. You can either make a monitary donation, donate DVDs or CDs, care package items, books or magazinesfirst response backpacks (you buy the backpack and SA sends it directly to a soldier), used technology, visit their museum, donate stocks, vehicles, or buy some of the items in their Angel store.

You can even send all sorts of cards to bring the spirits up of a soldier.

If you can't sew, but you can bake. They even have a team for you. The Angel Bakers sends lots of homemade treats to our soldiers (and they LOVE homemade goodies!).

There are so many different ways that you can support our troops. Please visit Soldiers' Angel's website and look under "Teams & Projects" to see all of the ways you can help our troops. There are so many soldiers who do not get anything from home. It is so sad and depressing to be giving your all and not to feel supported.

Right now there are 1423 soldiers waiting to be adopted. You could also become an Angel and adopt a waiting soldier.

Now for the good part. My challenge to you is to make something. Blog about it and come back here and let me know. Help spread the word.

Follow Soldiers' Angels on twitter: @soldiersangels and follow them on Facebook.

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