Sunday, July 10, 2011

Giveaway Charity Challenge for Joplin, MO

Jeanne over at The Learning Curve is hosting this charity challenge. As you might know, Joplin, Mo was hit by a F5 tornado that devistated the town. Half of the town and much of St. John's Hospital was destroyed.

"[Jeanne's] quilting circle "The Glory Bee's" have challenged [them]selves to make 100 flannel nursery receiving blankets, 100 knit "birth hats", 100 pair of knit or flannel "baby fist gloves" and 100 baby quilts to be given to the new baby upon discharge from hospital ."

If you can't sew/quilt, no worries. You can still enter the challenge/giveaway. Check out Jeanne's blog post for other ways to enter. Also check out her post for the sponsors in the giveaway.

The time has been extended until August 1st.

Happy sewing!

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Jeanne said...

Thank you Amanda, you are just one of the best Misfits I know. :)