Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet Ariel and Ears

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My girls have been anxiously waiting for me to make them items from Jennifer Paganelli's book Girl's World. If you haven't already, check out her book!

Today, out of the LONG list of to make from my girls, we made George the Puppy on our brand new Hello Kitty sewing machine. Talk about two happy campers!!!

Jennifer is so awesome! She sent us three lovely fabrics. Out of them I let the girls choose which one they wanted their puppies to be made from. What fabric I have left over will be used to make other things from the book for them.

I cut the dogs and their ears out. Sewed the ears together and pressed. As well as, pinned the dogs together. Everything was ready for the girls to start their sewing.

My oldest daughter sat in my lap while we sewed her dog, Ariel (after the little mermaid), together. Once her dog was done, I moved on to my youngest daughter and we sewed Ears (which he flies with) together.

We then turned the dogs inside out and began stuffing...and stuffing...and stuffing...

I performed surgery and sewed their bellies shut making sure to push their guts back in. Now I have 2 super excited princesses and one grumpy lil man because I didn't make him a puppy.

Ears is the yellow puppy who belongs to my youngest daughter. She named him Ears because he can fly with his ears.

Ariel is my oldest daughter's white puppy. She is everything princess and a redhead. So she named her puppy with the pink ears Ariel after the red-headed mermaid.

Happy sewing!

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Jennifer said...

this was so incredible. love watching it blow by blow and then seeing them play with their pooches! They are adorable and I feel like the luckiest messenger in the world!