Monday, August 22, 2011

War of 1812 Quilt Challenge

I recently found out about this Quilt Challenge. How awesome is it and what a great opportunity for a quilter to honor and remember the quilters and soldiers of a war 200 years after it happened. I am in the process of designing a quilt to enter in this challenge. It has to be 30" by 70" (what is considered a "cot to coffin" quilt). This size would have been easy for a soldier to roll up and fit in his ruck sack. You must remember, aside from higher ranking officers, soldiers had to walk where ever they went.

You have to use period related fabrics and colors. I've decided to use the new fabic collection "Lately Arrived from London" by Barbra Brackson for Moda. It is such beautiful fabric!

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Susie said...

One of her blogs had some War of 1812 info on it too that may give you some inspiration. (I love her blogs!)

I saw where you posted that challenge & wish I had the time to join in. *sigh* It sounds like an absolute blast! (No war pun intended of course.)